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Magic - Starting Out As A Magician
By Michael Russell

It's the dream of so many kids, to be the next David Copperfield. Magic is something that captures the imaginations of those young and old. We never tire of seeing even the same magic tricks over and over because we hope that each time we see them we'll come that much closer to figuring out how they work. So for children, who dream of being a great magician someday, the lure of magic is almost too powerful to fight. They're hooked before they ever do their first trick. So, what do you do with that young person who wants to entertain us with great illusions? How do you get him or her started?

The first thing an aspiring magician should do, even before he heads to a magic store to buy his first bag of tricks, is to read as much about the field as possible. There are many books and articles on magic. By familiarizing yourself with the world of magic, you'll be better prepared for entering that world and performing in front of a live audience.

The next thing is to look in the phone book and see what magic stores are in the nearby area. Unfortunately, there aren't as many magic stores in existence as there used to be years ago so your choices may be limited. Whatever ones you do find, you want to do as much research on them as possible. Find out how reputable the shop is. See if there have been any complaints. Ideally you want to find one that is run by a real practicing magician who can demonstrate the tricks for you.

Before going to the magic shop, make a list of the tricks you want to get. Hopefully, after doing your reading, you'll come up with a routine where one trick will flow into another. The type of tricks you do will vary depending on your audience and where you're performing. For example. In a small intimate setting you'll probably want to do a number of card tricks or small prop tricks. If you're going to be performing on stage in a big hall in front of a number of people then you're going to want to concentrate on tricks that are large enough for an audience, that is quite a few feet away from the stage, to see with no trouble.

While at the shop, present the owner with your list. Have him show you each trick so that you have a good idea of what each one is supposed to look like when being performed. Have him show you how the trick works so you understand it. Then ask him if you can try it yourself. You may not get it right away but you will get a pretty good idea if it's something you feel you can do in front of people. Some tricks require sleight of hand, which is not easy to master. These tricks will require a lot of practice.

After you have picked out the tricks you want to do, bring them home and practice them in front of a mirror. That way you'll know exactly what you look like doing them. Continue practicing each trick until you can do each one smoothly.

When you think you're ready to go out in public, rent a place and pick a date. Make it a free show. If you're really good, you're bound to get people who will ask you to perform at a party of some other gathering. Make sure you have business cards ready to hand out.

In time, you'll develop quite a following. With any luck, you may be on your way to becoming the next David Copperfield.

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