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Magic For Beginners
Brought To You By: Preston Houer

Are you constantly amazed by disappearing acts, card tricks and other magic wonders you see on different occasions? Children?s shows, magical exhibitions, trade shows, parties, and carnivals are some of the events where magicians are popular.

Because of the effect of magic on people, many would like to somehow try the basics of magic. There are a lot of online sites that offer tips on how to get started with magic. Others just content themselves with ready-made gimmicks they found at magic shops. But for those who are really serious about trying magic, these magic-filled sites offer different services for newbie magicians. In their sites, they offer free videos that will help you become trained in simple card tricks and other vanishing acts with the use of coins, rings and other magic props.

Before starting to learn magic, you have to know the essence of magic. First, magic or magic shows should provide happiness to people. Magic ought to be truly enjoyed by people watching and by the magician performing. Second, a truly good trick should be remembered. Different methods can be tried in order to make your tricks stand out even more.

The best place to get excited about your first magic trick is in a local magic shop. Talk to the magician of the shop, if there is one, and try asking him basic questions. Then, request him to show a couple of tricks to you. Usually, magicians are very eager to help beginners.

A good magician does not mind putting in a lot of effort to learn and continuously practice his magic tricks and constantly reinvent. Good magicians don't repeat tricks to the same audience. Your audience may figure out your secret. It is not long before people notice familiar moves and can get bored quickly.

Here are some tips:
a. Regularly practice your magic. Allot time every day for your practice.

b. If you are trying to videotape your act, be sure that you have no mirrors around you as they change views and the audience would not see what they ought to see. And remember do not appear as though you are unsure of what you are doing because your audience might easily lose interest watching when the magician looks not confident.

c. Ask other people to watch intently while doing your tricks, then ask for feedback.

d. Master one trick first before learning a new one.

e. Anywhere you go, make it a habit to bring magic props. Take some coins and a deck of cards with you so that if you have extra time, you can use it to practice the tricks.

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