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Landing Gigs As A Wedding Magician
Brought To You By: Preston Houer

As a wedding magician, one can have great opportunities in marketing his or her skills. There are many ways for one promising magician to do that.

- For example, during the awkward period while waiting for the couple?s arrival in the venue of the reception, you can help lighten up the tension by providing entertainment. Sometimes it may take a while for the newlyweds to come to the reception, and it is not a good idea for every one to be in a room that is full of almost complete strangers waiting for the couple to arrive. A magician like you can help ease this problem, and may become a vehicle for people to talk and laugh.

- In several receptions, there is an emcee or a show band hired to entertain the guests. However, watching a magician can be a nice alternative for the usual dancing. While guests are eating their dinner, a magician can give 45 minutes of laughter and amusement. Cool tricks can be performed such as floating roses that can be offered to the wedding bridesmaids.

- It pays to do some research. Find out if there is quite a number of children going to the wedding reception. If so, then a magician can make a special show for the children, providing a nice diversion for them while their parents mingle around.

- These tips may bolster a wedding magician's reputation as a creative one when it comes to performing on wedding occasions. Now to be more productive while one is relatively free from wedding gigs, or just about any occasion, why not create some promotional brochures for your target market. Send out the brochures to make this not-so popular kind of magician gig more patronized.

- One might want to make a small ?wedding planner? brochure, providing information on food arrangements, flower services, on renting a tuxedo or gown, among others. In the brochure, put in an article on how magicians can provide great entertainment in wedding receptions. Leave some room for your advertising. Distribute these to establishments that cater to such occasions. They would be happier to post the brochure if it includes their establishments in the brochure.

- Ensure that the magician can be contacted easily. The important contact details such as the phone and fax numbers, as well as the magician's website, if any, and his or her email address/es should be included in the brochure, too.

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