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Don't mess with my Magic Trick!
By Don Semeniuk

Love performing magic tricks? What do you do when you encounter the bad spectator? Follow these simple guidelines to get yourself out squeaky clean.

Don?t mess with my Magic Trick!!

There is usually one in every crowd that just has to be the spoiler in exposing your magic trick. You know, the guy, and I say guy, not girl, for a reason, as in all my experiences, Ihave yet to have a girl behave in what I am about to describe.

So there you are, about to demonstrate this unbelievable magic trick to this one person or maybe even to a crowd of anxious onlookers. You start doing your patter talk, maybe explaining there are mysterious powers all around us, and you are about to demonstrate these powers to them by say for example, doing the magic trick Floating Bill routine. So you ask somebody to lend you a dollar bill so you can prove to your now eager audience, doubtful, but eager audience in what you mean.

So you set the stage and the mood for the magic trick that you are about to perform, you are all set, you got everybody in the palm of your hands, well, except for this one yahoo, yes I call them yahoo?s, just has a nice ring to it. I have other names also, but let?s keep this ?G? rated. Ok, you?ve got the dollar bill, everything is set...and there you go...the dollar bill is slowly rising from your hand, everybody?s eyes just got a little bigger as they are really not doubtful, they are now beginning to believe in the mysterious powers you spoke of earlier. You are now the star of the show, the dollar bill is now moving on your command, up and down, everybody is in disbelief, wow, this is awesome....and then...bam, here comes yahoo, who goes and gives the dollar bill a swat with his hand trying to expose the magic trick secret, trying to steal the show, be the spoiler, just to prove that there is no such thing in magic!! What do you do? Well, you grab him by the head....oh, wait a minute, ?G? rated, yes, what you do is very important at this point to keep your reputation intact and to keep the people that you did have enjoying the magic trick to want you to do more even though theymay have doubts in what you were just doing.

Best thing to laugh, no matter how embarrassed or exposed you may feel that the magic trick secret maybe out of the bag, you play along as if nothing happened. You say ?How can I do that??. Just do it. Explain to them, ?oh, it seems like some devilish powers have come?, and point to the yahoo, ?it seems someone doesn?t want to witness this amazing feat of magic?, and apologize to everyone, putting the onus on the yahoo. Believe me, everyone will be disappointed and upset at this yahoo for spoiling the magic trick show.

And walk away...yep, walk do not want to try and perform any other magic tricks with the yahoo in your presence as you will not feel comfortable with your routines as you know the yahoo will try and tell everybody he knows how you did this or did that just to take the spotlight away from you.

This is the best thing you can do and believe me, people that were there will come to you to want to see your magic tricks and these are the people you want!!! The people that want to believe in magic!!!!

Dion Semeniuk is the owner of the popular online magic shop, This is Magic! To receive 4 free magic trick videos and learn more about performing magic tricks, visit