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Learning The Tricks: Buy Or Make Your Props Part 2
Brought To You By: Preston Houer

For beginner magicians, it is a combination of skills, talents, and acquired tricks that brings magic to life. However, for those who haven't really tried any magic at all, there is one question always asked - "Do they have to buy the props for their tricks or just make them themselves?" Don't worry tips and practical suggestions will be given as readers go along this article.

The only problem with learning different tricks for beginners is that they do not know what is in store for them in the magic world. Before even buying or trying anything, the very first thing that they will have to do is get books that relate to magic that tackle the different areas of magic and then decide which specific magic tricks they will be focusing on. Once this has been decided, watch a few magic shows or with magicians that do such tricks. It will be very thrilling of course and the beginner will end up buying a lot of stuff almost everytime. The experience they get from just seeing a lot of the supplies in magic stores that provide a lot of samples and information about how such trick will be made with its effect is very pleasing to the eyes. It's like giving the beginner the idea that he'll soon be an expert and very powerful. Just the thought of young men gasping and young women fantasizing gives him the chills.

On the other hand, buying more of the supplies and props for the trick is not as important as really knowing all the secrets and skills to perform such trick. Some aspiring magicians have wasted months and even years in buying the props they needed only to realize in the end that they should have done things differently. Effort should be exerted more in understanding and practicing a specific trick thoroughly. Instead of buying props and supplies, books should be bought. Even videos that show how to do the trick is not as helpful as doing it personally and visualizing the action when reading.

Here are tips in order to specialize on a specific trick before investing in a lot of materials:

? Buy or borrow books to get more information about magic, from its history up to how it is being done in front of an audience.

? The internet could also be a very good source of information.

? Visualize and ponder about how the trick is can be performed effectively.

? Go to magic stores to examine the props and supplies, chat with some of the magic enthusiasts, ask questions from the dealer, or even watch demos. Keep everything in mind, those can be bought next time when already sure of the trick to be used.

? Instead of buying new cards with holes in the middle, why not ask anyone who has an old deck of cards not being used anymore.

? Recycle materials that can be suitable for the trick being practiced. Card boxes, matchboxes, sticks and cloths can be available at any home. Practice first, once the trick is mastered, then go buy materials from the magic store so that the whole thing will be presentable to the audience.

Friends and dealers in a magic shop will be demonstrating something that is a totally new trick that causes amazement. There are even those who can afford such luxury of the hobby, get to spend up to a hundred bucks a week just buying props. Buying them could be fun because of their color and sounds or excitement they provide. Just be careful of some tricks that could be very entertaining during the demo but end up terrifying the audience. Also, there are some tricks that do not exactly work as they do in the store. Those who buy those stuff end up throwing it away and develop the "Next Time" syndrome (buy another, new one next time).

Keep in mind that magic does not lie on the trick made or bought, not on the way the coin was folded, not in the way the money was printed. The whole thing lies in the playful imagination of the minds of the audience. The real secret occurs when a magician competently manipulates the minds into a reaction that experience the magic.

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