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This is a natural progression after you have learned the Riffle Shuffle. It?s probably not the sort of flourish to perform as a routine on it?s own, but whenever you need to shuffle the cards before a trick use this one and your audience will know right away that they are not dealing with an amateur. The amount of practise needed for this is pretty minimal, so you have no excuse!

Start as in the Riffle Shuffle with both packs interleaved and lined up with each other as in Fig. 1.

Take hold of the cards as in Fig. 2.

Pick up the cards with both hands and bend them by bringing the fingers of both hands closer together as in Fig. 3.

Now open you hands out as in Fig. 4. Release the pressure very slowly by moving your finger tips away from each other. The cards will then naturally spring into your hands. Then simply push the cards together to complete this great flourish.