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Learn magic tricks with our free, illustrated tutorials. This is the ideal place to start learning magic and it is all totally free. Whether you are looking for free magic tricks for beginners, magic tricks for children or just need to know how to force a card this is the place to start.


The silk production is a classic magic trick. Try it out, and if you find that this is your sort of magic then why not look at coin or card production. To perform this effect all you will need is a silk handkerchief and a small rubber band. Oh, and of course a little practise!

First you will need to get your silk folded properly. To do this wrap it carefully around a pen as in Fig. 1.

Now take a thin rubber band and place it over your small finger and around your thumb as shown in Fig. 2

Place the silk under one thread of the band. If you want you can to hold it in place tie one corner to the band as in Fig. 3.

It?s now possible to show the back of your hand with your fingers spread wide apart. This gives the impression that your hand is totally empty as in Fig. 4.

To produce the silk from thin air simply move your hand into the air as if the silk were floating invisibly at about eye level and two feet or so in front of you. At the same time bring your small finger and thumb together and flick your hand. The silk will unroll and appear to be plucked from thin air!