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Learn magic tricks with our free, illustrated tutorials. This is the ideal place to start learning magic and it is all totally free. Whether you are looking for free magic tricks for beginners, magic tricks for children or just need to know how to force a card this is the place to start.


Everyone at MFA has been amazed at the popularity of card sleights and flourishes. I guess everybody likes to impress!
If you want to get started on the road to learning flourishes then the riffle shuffle is a great place to start. When you have mastered this why not move on to the Waterfall Shuffle.

Cut the cards into equal piles and place them end to end as in Fig. 1.

Pick the cards up, holding them as in Fig. 2.

Now invert the cards on the table, lifting the front ends as in Fig. 4. Note the position of the fingers.

You will need to practise to get the distance between the cards right, but when you have that perfected it is a simple matter to slowly release the cards so that they interleave. Then simply push the cards together to complete the move.