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Like vanishing, levitation has been around for as long as magic itself. This simple levitation can be really impressive as your audience sees a pen rise and fall inside a bottle. To perform this you will need a piece of thin dark thread (the invisible thread used in sewing is best), a ball point pen and an empty bottle.

To perform this levitation you will need a ball point pen like that shown in Fig.1. The pen should have a small stopper in the end.

Remove the bung from the pen and attach your thread to it then replace the bung in the pen. This will look like Fig. 2.

Attach the other end of the thread to a shirt or jacket button. You are now ready to go. Notice that in Fig. 3. I have used a dark thread and a white shirt. This of course is only so that you can see the set up more clearly.

Take the pen and drop it thread end first into your bottle. You will now find that by moving the bottle towards or away from your body you will be able to make the pen rise and fall in the bottle. You will need to experiment a bit to find the best length for your thread. Also try using different threads and clothing to find the combination which is most invisible.