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The Jumping Joker is a great little card trick. Many items of card magic rely on revealing a chosen card. The more dramatically you can do this the better the effect. With very little practise this one provides a unique way of revealing the card.

First you will need to make the special gimmick. Simply take one of the jokers from the pack and cut away the corner as in Fig. 1. You are now ready to go.

First place the joker on the bottom of the pack without anyone seeing. Then select a volunteer and bet them that you can find any chosen card simply by riffling through the deck.

Fan the cards as in Fig. 2 and ask your volunteer to choose any card. Make sure that they don?t select the bottom one (the Joker).

Tell them to remember their card and to place it on top of the pack. Then make one complete cut of the cards. It appears now that their card is lost in the deck. In fact it is right next to the joker.

Take the cards as in Fig. 3 and pull your finger from the bottom of the deck, along the corner to the top. Riffle the cards as fast as you can.

The Joker will pop out as in Fig. 4.

Now lift the cards so that they are facing the spectator as in Fig.5. Their chosen card will be one back from the Joker. Try to reveal this as dramatically as you can.