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If you are into gambling tricks or bar bets then you?ll enjoy this one. All you need is a book of matches and a sucker who is willing to part with a little cash. The sucker won?t be hard to find, this looks such a good bet that they?ll be lining up to part with their money.

Having found your volunteer, take out a book of matches and remove a single match, being careful to keep it flat.

On one side of the match write 10-1 on the other write 5-1. Explain to your volunteer that they can bet as much as they want on how the match will land. If the side showing says 5-1 you will pay them 5 times the bet and if 10-1 is upwards you will pay ten times the bet. However, if the match should land on its side then they will lose the bet. Believe me they will be only too willing to take you up.

As many times as you throw the match in the air it always lands on its side! And here?s how it?s done. After the bets are made simply bend the match as in Fig. 1.

Don?t forget that the above move should be done with your hand palm down so that it?s not seen. Now whenever you throw the match in the air it will land as in Fig. 2