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It?s a sad fact of a magician's life that everyone loves to see you fail. This sort of sucker trick turns all that on its head, because just when they think you have failed to reveal their chosen card you come up with an even better revelation! You will need to practise your acting skills as much as your magic to get the best out of this card trick.

Firstly you need to set up the deck. Just place one of the four fives as the fifth card up from the bottom of the deck. The card also needs to be face up, that is the other way round to all the other cards.

Ask for a volunteer from the audience. Start to deal cards from the top of the pack, asking your volunteer to say stop whenever they want. Be careful at this point not to reveal the face up five.

When they have stopped you have the volunteer look at and remember the card. Then ask them to replace it on the pile of dealt cards and then replace the undealt pack on top of it.

Tap the cards and appear mystified that nothing has happened. Now start to thumb through the pack until you come to the face up five. Looking very pleased with yourself explain that the cards have obviously sent a message and that their card must be the five. They will of course be only to happy to tell you that it wasn?t their card.

Tell your assistant that maybe you misunderstood the message from the cards and that perhaps the number five was just a clue. Put the five aside and count down a further five cards, turn the card over and to everyone?s astonishment it is their selected card!