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Audiences still love card tricks, but too many of them rely simply on revealing a chosen card. This one has a lot more visual effect than that. It will take a little practise to perfect but is well worth it. And don?t be put off, the instructions are not nearly as complicated as they look. So what are you waiting for-get practising!

Have a spectator shuffle the deck and hand it back to you. Get a glimpse of the bottom card and remember it. This will later become your ?chosen? card.

Ask the spectator to cut the pack roughly in half and to keep hold of the half they have chosen. Now ask them to put their half of the cards behind their back and choose a card, then to place this card face down on the table. You take the remaining half and appear to do the same.

What you in fact do behind your back is to turn the whole pack upside down and reverse the top card (your ?chosen? card). Now simply pick any card and place it in front of you.

Now you and the spectator both look at your cards. You of course ignore yours, you already know which card you will pretend to have chosen. The spectator then slides their card into your half of the deck and you do the same, putting your card into their half.

Now secretly reverse your half of the deck, a little misdirection helps here. Place your assistants half of the deck on yours and cut the pack. Now you both announce your cards (yours being the original bottom card). With a sharp tap on the pack both cards are amazingly found to have reversed themselves!