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Aces Wild is a ridiculously simple card trick to perform which will still amaze your friends and family. Just remember to master that false shuffle as this makes all the difference to the effect.

Before beginning this great card trick you will need to set up the deck with the four aces on the top.

To convince your audience that there is nothing wrong with the pack of cards you will need to do a false shuffle. The easiest way to achieve this is to do a Riffle Shuffle, simply letting the top 5 or 6 cards fall last.

Choose a spectator from the audience and ask them to cut the pack roughly in half. Now ask them to do the same with these two piles. You will need to direct the cutting carefully so that the pile with the aces on top is at one end of the four.

Ask your volunteer to pick up the pile of cards on the opposite end to the one with the aces. Now ask them to put the top three cards onto the bottom of this pile, then to deal the next three cards onto the other three piles.

Have the volunteer repeat this procedure with the other three piles.

Build up a dramatic finish as you have your volunteer turn over the top card of each pile to reveal the four aces!