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Try out some free download magic tricks here.
They are all mystifying, all great fun and most of all they are all completely FREE. Of course these free downloads are not up to the standard of the MFA tricks, but will help you to get started on the road to being a great magician!
All these magic downloads have been checked and scanned for viruses and bugs so that you can download them safely and with complete peace of mind.
magic tricks
Some great card tricks many of which can be learned in minutes. Ideal for the beginner in card magic or for the younger members of the family.
The ultimate introduction to mental magic. Learn mind reading magic totally free. This great pdf ebook by J.P. Jacquard will teach you all the techniques you need to convince audiences that you can read their minds. This free download contains 30 great mentalism tricks plus a free bonus section on hypnotism.
This fully illustrated ebook teaches a great close up effect. A borrowed finger ring is securely fastened to a length of thread using two knots. With a spectator holding both ends of the thread the magician amazingly removes the ring!
Every magician needs a source of patter, a lot of these would work well in a club act, but some of them are pretty explicit so ADULTS ONLY PLEASE.
This great ebook contains ten easy to perform card tricks with simple to follow instructions. Each of these tricks is illustrated with large high resolution photographs to make learning them even easier. Any one of these tricks would be worth $3, but we are offering the whole book free.
This is a really stunning combination of magic trick and practical joke. Imagine the effect as you sit down to a cup of coffee with friends, you make an excuse to leave the room for a moment and while you are gone the spoon which had been in your cup miraculously leaps into the air and out of the cup!! No strings. Simple to learn and perform.
This collection of 7 ebooks provides a good introduction to the theories behind hypnosis.Includes: * Hypnosis For Beginners * Success Secrets of Hypnotism * How to Hypnotise People * Advanced Hypnotic Technique and 3 more complete ebooks.