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Card Levitation
Using a freely chosen card and no threads just watch the video to see how amazing this card levitation can be to your audience.

Today?s sophisticated audiences demand to be stunned, not just mystified. This latest amazing effect from Andy Jay is guaranteed to do just that. Leave them breathless as a freely chosen card is made to levitate well above an ordinary deck.
No Threads- No Strings- No Magnets- Freely Chosen Card- Ordinary Deck


Hypno Bill
Street magic at it simplest, and its best. A borrowed note just starts to float all on its own. Absolutely no threads.

The Bends
Watch as a chosen card slowly bends in your hand. Absolutely no threads. You can show the card before and after the trick.

Quantum Leap
An astonishing close up effect. A spectator?s signature amazingly jumps from one card to another.


5th Dimension
Using a playing card and cigarette. This Andy Jay original levitation will leave your audience stunned.

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